LaserDiscovery 0.2.0

LaserDiscovery 0.2.0 changes

We’ve just released a new version of LaserDiscovery: live feed with newly-listed PancakeSwap tokens after anti-scam filters:

New version contains far more useful information paired with more strict anti-scam filters (on importance of filtering):

LaserDiscovery 0.2.0 message format

LaserDiscovery 0.2.0 scans all recently launched (PancakeSwap-listed) BSC tokens.

LaserDiscovery removes shitcoins based on anti-scam filters:

  • LaserDesk contract score is 60+
  • TokenSniffer contract score is 50+
  • taxes are less than 25%
  • not a honeypot
  • not a known scam
  • Telegram group is active (or Laser.Desk contract score is 85+)
  • initial pool size is more than 0.9 BNB

Anti-scam filters save you a lot of time by removing ~80% of shitcoins .Remaining tokens deserve some attention. But they are still very risky.

LaserDiscovery supplies additional info for proper DYOR:

  • LaserDesk social score
  • Telegram group stats (members, active members, posts, likes, etc.)
  • Twitter and Reddit stats
  • TokenSniffer tests
  • Website scores from WhatCMS and WhoAPI

Remember to always check project’s website and community!



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