How many BSC tokens are hopeless (scam/dump/failure)? Token survival analysis & LaserDiscovery

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3 min readJan 24, 2022


Many people are aware of a high risk of investing in newly launched tokens on BSC blockchain. You can easily become a victim of a scam (small-scale or big, e.g. hyped Squid Games). However, if you invest smart, it might be extremely profitable (x100-x1000).


LaserDiscovery BETA is a live feed for discovering newly launched BSC tokens. It investigates all BSC transactions, detects launches in real-time and analyses tokens based blockchain and social data.

Example of token (Baby Cheems Inu, BCI) found by LaserDiscovery

Another success case

LaserDiscovery analyzes:

  • blockchain data
  • social data (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and website)
  • contract code (80+ checks based on Slither library)

It also publishes score from our partners (TokenSniffer).

Based on our analysis we present you with best newly launched tokens.

Example of token (Baby Cheems Inu, BCI) in LaserDiscovery live feed

Token survival analysis


Period: from 2021–11–01 to 2021–12–30


  1. 858 random BSC-deployed tokens
  2. 261 random PancakeSwap-listed tokens
  3. 783 tokens from LaserDiscovery 1.0 (BETA)


  • PCS-listed: tokens that were listed on PancakeSwap
  • Alive: PCS-listed tokens that have more than 0.1 BNB in pool (2022–01–06)
  • Growth: alive tokens that have shown price & pool growth (relative to listing)


Random BSC-deployed tokens

BSC-deployed token survival

Random PancakeSwap-listed tokens

PancakeSwap-listed token survival

LaserDiscovery discovered tokens:
(tokens with telegram group, without scoring filters)

LaserDiscovery token survival

Note that LaserDiscovery 1.0 (BETA) is already:

  • at least 20 times better than random search among recently-deployed BSC tokens
  • at least 2 times better than random search among PCS-listed tokens

And there are a lot of improvements planned to increase this ratio further.



  • at least 97% of BSC-deployed tokens are hopeless (either dump or flat)
  • at least 93% of PancakeSwap-listed tokens are hopeless (either dump or flat)
  • LaserDiscovery is already 2X-4X better than random search




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