Real-time discovery of promising tokens

Every day about 5000 new contracts are created and most of them are junk.

There is a wide spread of clones, scam and other unworthy investments. To sort through them you have to spend a lot of time or pay money for a complex market research.

LSR team is planning to relieve this pain by releasing autodiscovery bot.

It will monitor all recently created BSC contracts in real time, sort out most promising ones, and report them to our users.

Monitoring results soon will be available at:

How tokens are selected

Bot reports tokens when:

  • contract is verified by BSC
  • token has a valid telegram channel / group
  • token has a valid website
  • telegram and website reference correct contract address
  • telegram and website cross-reference each other

What information is reported

  • name, ticker, BSC address
  • creation time
  • initial liquidity pool size
  • number of transactions
  • flag if it is traded on Pancakeswap
  • corresponding telegram channels (that were created not later that 3 month ago)
  • number of participants across Telegram channels
  • website link
  • poocoin link

How bot works

There are about 200 000 transactions every hour on BSC. Bot monitors all of them in real time and selects transactions that correspond to creation of a new smart-contract (new token).

To remove scam and other unworthy investments bot runs some checks on found contracts.

First of all, it examines if contract is verified by BSC. Unverified contracts are too risky to invest in.

Then it examines if corresponding token has a telegram channel / group with the same name as the token.

There may be multiple matches, so bot additionally verifies if telegram contains blockchain-related keywords and references correct token’s contract address.

Then bot extracts token’s website using messages in this channel / group.

For each website bot verifies if it references correct contract address and the same telegram group as the one it was extracted from.

Finally, bot checks if there is a growth in activity measured by number of transactions, number of holders and number of messages in telegram channels.

Bot selects only those tokens, that have full agreement between smart-contract, telegram channel, website.

All three must cross-reference each other. It is really important because there is a rampant spread of clones and same-named tokens.

If all cross-referencing conditions are met then token is marked as original and reported. Otherwise it is not reported.

Stay tuned and join our community!




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