How to find tokens with high growth potential?

We’re planning to create a tool , that will gather information about all new BCS testnet tokens on a regular basis.

It will examine:

  • code of the underlying smart contracts
  • corresponding test transactions
  • test holders
  • token’s social media activity: telegram, twitter, reddit, medium, discord, facebook and others

We will collect same parameters that are used by CoinGecco and other information providers. But we’ll make it for tesnet tokens that by definition are not available anywhere yet.

Our analytic engine will process collected data and extract numerous features for our scoring and ranking algorithms:

  • version of solidity compiler
  • frequency of runs
  • variable and method names
  • static code quality score
  • comments in the code
  • licence
  • if smart contract is renounced
  • tokenomics
  • number of followers in social media
  • activity metrics in social media (number of posts, post recency and so on)
  • cross-referencing between social media
  • etc

Currently we are developing telegram bot to allow our holders to find promising tokens and buy them right after listing.

If you’re interested —

  1. take a look at our web app
  2. join our telegram group



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