DEV update: LaserDesk UI & token feed improvements

LaserDesk 0.4.1 released

While our main efforts are concentrated on the upcoming stable versions of our products we still continue to develop both LaserDesk and LaserDiscovery (which is now called FindX).

This week we’ve made a number of improvements to the LaserDesk.

Token page

Layout was adjusted to be more mobile-friendly.

Now it’s compact and is better organized.

Updated layout of LaserDesk

  1. LSR homepage button is now more clear / visible
  2. Listings are now in token overview section (not far away under the price chart)
  3. Socials are now in token overview section (not far away under the price chart)
  4. Alternative anti-scam checks are now under Laser Score
  5. Price links are now above token price chart
  6. Description, White paper, CMC/CG notices are now in research section (same as audit) under price chart.
  7. Links to third party audits (CertiK, Solidity, etc.) are now under Contract Audit section.


  1. Community score for newborn/presale tokens from now rarely equals 0. Most of users think that 0 score is not a high risk (due to bot-generated users/messages) but some kind of a bug. Thus we’ve adjusted score to equal 0 only for highly suspicious communities (adjustments may continue if we detect issues).
  2. External audit from reputable provider (Certik, Solidity, Quanstamp, etc.) now affects LSR contract score
  3. Overall score now is better suited for shitcoins and early stage tokens. While before is was almost always between 0 and 10 now it varies between 0 and 50 according to token quality.

Token Feed

  1. More new tokens. Before the current update it was hard to use main page to find something new. Now there are a lot of new tokens of different quality.
  2. Indication of CMC/CG listing Now it’s easier to find tokens before they get listed on CMC/CG.
  3. More compact mobile layout.



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