DEV update: audit token from website & other improvements

Now you can audit token directly from Laser Desk

Add & update

First of all, now you can:

  1. audit any BSC token directly from our website
  2. re-audit token after some time
Audit Queue
  1. which tokens were audited today
  2. which tokens are still waiting for audit
  3. what are the results

Other improvements

Improved details page
  1. Token page now has SEO-friendly human-readable URL:
    E.g. instead of
    Now you may use:
  2. Token page now has “update” button. It launches automated data collection (update) and re-audit. Due to beta-stage limitations currently you can update token once in 3 days.
  3. We’ve unified & simplified colors that mark token risk. Now they are easily understandable.
  4. We’ve added discord link
  5. We’ve improved scoring methodology. Although still not final — it has significantly improved accuracy.
  6. We’ve improved automated crawling of token websites & social networks (now there are less situations when pages are fine and we’re unable to retrieve information)
  7. We’ve improved calculation of project age (now it’s minimum of first contract transaction, twitter create date, website create date, CMC listing date)
  8. We’ve improved design of audited tokens page.
  9. Following community request, we’ve added ‘add date’ which indicates when token was added to Laser Desk (either by user or discovery bot)
Updated audited tokens page
mobile-friendly table design



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