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Hi everyone!
This week was busy!

Telegram Audit Bot

First of all, we’ve released our telegram audit bot.
It audits any BSC contract you want and links results to our chat:

If you are unable to find some contract at our app — just join @lasereyestoken group.

Here you can post contract of interest to our bot — and it will audit it for you.

Bot is absolutely free and is accessible to any member of our community.

Additional data sources

Second: we’ve increased metadata coverage by adding descriptions, social links, etc. from new data sources:

  • coinalpha
  • coinhunt
  • coingecko
  • coinmarketcap

It allowed us:

  • to slightly improve accuracy of our score
  • to expand social link coverage

Design improvements

Third, but not the least — we’ve made multiple design improvements to our app.

Now it is more convenient and presents more useful data.

To illustrate:

before update
after update

You may notice that we’ve added:

  • additional links — coingecko and coinmarketcap in this case, but coinalpha and coinhunt are also supported
  • text description — to understand what token is about
  • LSR contacts — to easily join our community or support us
  • medium link

Also we’ve highlighted that our score currently is in BETA stage. So — be aware and DYOR.

Our main page also has improved:

We’ve simplified design and enabled default score filtering.

Instead of all recent tokens now it presents the most promising ones.


All of this — is just the beginning.

We have a lot of plans on improving our landing, marketing, and, of course our app.

Stay tuned and join our community:
💌 Telegram:
🐦 Twitter:
🤖 Reddit



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